How Does it Work?

Register.  Purchase.  Read Articles.  Take Exams.   You’re Done!

Step 1 – Register.

Enter your contact information. Please enter your AANA number even if you are no longer an active member.

Step 2 – Home Page.

After you register and are logged in, the home page will give you these options:

  • Edit Profile
  • Change Password
  • View Certificates
  • View Receipts
  • Purchase Articles
  • My Grades

Step 3 – Purchase.

Click on the Purchase Articles link. Choose the articles you wish to purchase and pay online with your credit card. If you would like to pay by check, please contact us by email. You will still need to register and access materials online.

Step 4 – Read Articles.

After purchase, articles are immediately accessible online. Log in and click the “Articles” link on the subject bar, or the “Read Articles” link from your homepage. Articles are only available online. Printed copies are not available. You are welcome to print out articles to read at your convenience should you desire. Also, for your convenience, the articles and exams may be viewed simultaneously (on larger computer screens).

Step 5 – Take Exams.

To access exams, click an article title under My Articles and follow the link. Note that you can save the progress of an exam and return to it later. However, once an exam is submitted for grading, it cannot be retrieved and grading is final. Exams must be taken online. Printed exams are not available.

Step 6 – Credit Submission.

If you are an active AANA member, we send your earned credits directly to the AANA. We submit credits every day to the AANA based on the prior day’s activities. This means if you earned 5 credits on a Monday, the next day (Tuesday) we would submit those 5 credits to the AANA and if you are an active member they will appear on your CE transcript.

If you are NOT an active AANA member, you must send your Certificates of Attendance directly to the NBCRNA. (Please see the NBCRNA website for contact information). A certificate is automatically generated for each exam successfully completed. The certificates can be accessed when logged in. On the dashboard, click the link “View Certificates”