CPC Core Modules

NBCRNA CPC Core Module Overview


Do I need to complete the Core Modules?

If your credential expires in 2024 or beyond, the Core Modules are required.


How many modules are there to complete?

The NBCRNA has created FOUR content areas to be covered by the Core Modules:

Airway Management

Applied Clinical Pharmacology

Human Physiology and Pathophysiology

Anesthesia Equipment, Technology, and Safety

Do your modules have an expiration date?

Yes. As with all CE awarded by the AANA, each module has an expiration date by which you must complete the materials. This allows for materials to be updated and remain current. Please be assured, if you purchase the CPC Core modules with us, we want you to get your credit!

The current expiration dates are as follows: 

Airway 9/30/22

Anesthesia Technology 5/14/23

Pharmacology 9/30/23

Physiology & Pathophysiology 9/30/23

Why should I complete my Core Modules at CRNAeducation.com?

We wanted to create the best module experience for our colleagues. We have done this by focusing on up-to-date information with clinical applicability. In addition, we have streamlined the process so it takes less time to complete the modules without compromising information or treating you like a student doing a board review all over again.


What resource is available for me to learn more about the Core Modules?

The definitive source for information regarding the core modules is the NBCRNA website.

How long will it take to complete the modules?

There are two things to consider regarding this question:

1) CE Credit is awarded by the AANA, based on approximate length of time to complete, so each CE hour should take about an hour to complete

2) The NBCRNA mandates ten (10) questions per hour of CE awarded for the modules, regardless of the vendor. So other modules with more credit hours attached will necessarily take longer to complete


Applied Clinical Pharmacology

Human Physiology and Pathophysiology

Anesthesia Equipment and Technology

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